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Welcome to Šolta – the return to innocence

Welcome to the island of olives, wine, figs and honey – an oasis just 9 nm away from Split, ideal for sailboat guests, families and all those looking for a stress relief holiday.

Diversity of flora and fauna of the island attracts a large number of nature lovers and its underwater world is a proof of waters purity.


The south side of Šolta hides many untouched bays, beaches and small fishing houses.


Walks through the old villages like Gornje, Donje and Srednje Selo take you years back, as if the time stood still.

You can visit some of the historical sights, such as prehistoric hill-fort (Gradac), remains of villae rusticae, St.Peter’s ruins, or you can enjoy in active holiday playing tennis or visiting the pools in Nečujam.

Some of the well-known events are pulling a rope, traditionally called „Mrduja“, which is held every year on the last weekend in July, “Pirates night” which is held in mid-summer and Cultural summer events.


mrs. Danijela Funda

About Šolta

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