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Castle Trakošćan

Trakošćan Castle is a cultural heritage, a protected historical unit consisting of the castle, the castle buildings, parks and forest park with a lake. The castle is now one of the few facilities in Croatia with original items, historically closely linked to the architectural framework and the lives of its owners. It was built in the late 13th century and today is one of the most visited Croatian castles.

Church of St. Mary Lepoglava

Construction of the church began around the 1400s with the advent of the Paulist order to Lepoglava. It was dedicated in 1415. The church is in the Baroque Gothic style. The church interior is rich in Baroque furniture, wood carvings, baroque altars and frescos made by Ranger. An extensive and thorough work on the renovation of the church began with Croatian independence. In 1990 the church was re- opened to believers.


Gaveznica is located approximately 400 meters south of the church of St. Mary in Lepoglava. This area is known as the first discovered site of agate in Croatia. The most interesting of semi-precious stones on Gaveznica is agate which has shades of light blue to dark gray colour. Based on the amount found, various chalcedony, red jasper and agate are distinguished, although there are also amethyst and plain opal.


Ivanščica peak is the highest point of the Croatian Zagorje and also the widest viewing point on the mountain. The top part of Ivanščica is full of buildings of various purposes, so the peak has almost no natural features. The first, wooden pyramid on the peak was built in 1893. Today, at the peak, there is an iron pyramid 10 meters high. Around 100 m north west there is a mountain lodge Joseph Pasarić, and next to it 60 m high television transmitter. On the north west side, there is a gazebo with a view stretching to the north and west. The top part also has a couple of ski facilities and an abandoned ski lift.


mrs. Nevenka Borovec Kihas

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